Tips for buying weight loss tea

weight loss teaGreen tea has a long history for consuming, either it has been drunk for thousands of years in China, or the green tea extract supplement (weight loss tea) helps people in antioxidant, weight management, cardiovascular health, cognitive function, even for cancer prevention.

And also there are a large number of green tea products, for weight management particularly in the market, such as green tea fat burner, green tea weight loss supplement, weight loss pills, weight loss tea etc.

But from the test result in Consumerlab, some of the green tea products failed to pass the examination conduct by independent laboratories.

For example, Enzymatic Therapy Green Tea Elite with EGCG, and Omega Sports Green Tea were both tested and found with insufficient dose amount in the capsules comparing with the product labels.

That’s not the most critical issue within the weight loss tea and other products, e.g. tea bag, brewed tea drinks and so on.

Some of the green tea products were found that there is little lead contained in tea leaves. Although the dose amount will not pose health concern for human’s body, we still need to be careful for these green tea products.

The reason for the lead contained in weight loss drinks that made of green tea, is the original source, most of these products were from China. The possible reason is the industrial pollution in the soil where the tea tree planted and from the air, due to the car exhaust with leaded gasoline.

From the test, we list some tips below when you choose some weight loss tea products, green tea fat burner or green tea bag for daily drinking.

>The older leaves seem contained more lead than these younger leaves. So you’d better select the green tea other than those Oolong or black tea which uses older leaves in the most of the time.

>Some decaffeinated products contain contamination under the measurable limit from the testing by CL. Possibly the extra decaffeinated process will remove the lead in the green tea leaves.

>Some weight loss tea supplements or drinks have less lead dose if originated from Japan than China.

>Don’t eat tea leaves directly unless you can trust the purity of these products.

>Using a filter when drinking brewing tea. Tea bag, fine strainer can help reduce the lead content within green tea.

Hope the tips mentioned above for choosing or drinking of weight loss tea or other green tea products can help you. We just need the benefits from green tea to support our health, while reduce the harmful risk from the heavy metals.