With Best Diet Plan – How to Lose Belly Fat

Do you know the best diet plan on how to lose belly fat? It’s the right combination of the right food to eat and the right exercise. Yes, it’s that simple. But if it’s so simple, then how come it’s so hard to achieve? The belly fat is always the first target if someone would like to know how to lose weight fast.
best diet plan
Most of us believe that eating fruits and vegetables and doing crunches are the right ways on how to lose belly fat. But the question that should be asked is, what fruits and vegetables and what exercises? Let’s take a look at the best diet plan for losing belly fat.

How to Lose Belly Fat

There are three things that you can do right now to lose that belly fat in just days. While you won’t get washboard abs with these methods, you’ll most definitely see a major difference in your belly fat.

1. Stop Eating These Foods!

Reduce your intake of sugar – too much and your liver creates fat tissues. You should also lower your intake of carbs – which leads to fat tissues specifically in your belly and causes water retention.

2. Eat These Foods!

Protein rich-diets will give you a slimmer physique. Your body actually burns calories when it digests proteins in your stomach, helping you burn fat in the belly without effort.

3. Do Cardio Exercises

What does your heart have to do with your stomach? Apparently, aerobic exercises do a better job at reducing belly fat than crunches. Exercises that get your heart pumping involve a lot of running and jumping around, which moves the fat tissues in your belly more effectively than sit ups.

4. Do Core Exercises

While cardio exercises are more effective than crunches, you’d still need them to tone your belly. Core exercises such as planking and abdominals can help to tone and shape your reduced belly. Of course, a flat stomach isn’t enough – you’d need to tone and firm it to receive that rocking body.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Changing to a protein-rich diet that’s low on carbs and sugar can take some time getting used to. You’ll experience cravings and some body changes, but these are only at felt at the beginning of the change. You’ll eventually get used to the diet and make it a habit.

New exercises can cause some physical injury – a trainer at the gym who can give you a specific program is a recommended idea.

Pros and Cons


>you are healthier
>you burn belly fat
>you lose weight
>these are affordable and accessible methods
>anyone can do these methods
>you can start anytime


>takes discipline
>requires guidance at the beginning
>takes time to change your lifestyle

The right food and the right exercise are all it takes on how to lose belly fat and have the best diet plan in your life. Lowering your calorie intake or doing crunches are sadly, not enough, and frankly, not right. You’d have to get rid of the right food, eat the right ones, and do the right exercises – now that’s the answer on how to lose belly fat, and making the best diet plan.