Know more about the best weight loss supplements

To continue the introduction of best weight loss supplements in last post, now we will list some uncommon ingredients for you to find the most appropriate supplement for your weight loss plan. These ingredients should be some proved evidence showed the potency for weight loss.

1, Cactus

Yes, isn’t it surprising you?

best weight loss supplement-caralluma fimbriata

You may know that it’s kind of regular food in Mexico, but there are some studies have shown that the cactus, also called as Caralluma fimbriata will

contribute to reducing the belly fat. It used for hunger suppression food and increase the endurance for sports in ancient India. In modern research, it showed the function of reduction of waist circumference after 60 days intake of 1 gram Caralluma extract, and compared with placebo group. Of course, all subjects were suggested to control their dietary and do some proper exercises. The researcher concluded that although the Caralluma extract wasn’t beneficial directly for weight loss in BMI figure or body fat, at least it can suppress people’s appetite and reduce your waist circumference, hopefully now it can be utilized to answer the question: how to lose belly fat.

2, Phaseolus vulgaris

best weight loss supplement -phaseolus vulgarisIt’s kind of bean, also known as White Kidney Bean. Maybe it is not suggested to take as a weight loss supplement for its slow effects, but in an analysis from Cambridge has some evidences that it helps for reducing body fat, if taking in a dose from 445mg t 3,000 mg daily. The extract of Phaseolus vulgaris acted as blocker of starch, to meet the requirement of fat loss in body.

3, Glucomannan

best weight loss supplement-konjac rootGlucomannan is a edible fiber derived from Konjac root, one kind of tubers food. It is not just helpful for regulate blood sugar level and improve cholesterol levels, also with the magic function of expand its volume after it absorbs water – up to 17 times of its original size, as a result you will feel full after eat it with plenty of water and suppress your appetite. It is popular in Japan foods with more than 1,000 years history, although we don’t have too much studies for long term usage, but we believe it is safe and quite beneficial for the weight loss purpose.

We’ll continue to share with you for all kinds of ingredients, which shall be helpful for you if you’re looking for best weight loss supplements.