Green Tea Weight Loss – One Of The Best Weight Loss Supplement

Green tea is usually regarded as the dietary supplements for antioxidant, as it contains EGCG, one of the useful compounds in catechins, which showed such ability in tube studies. Sometimes green tea weight loss supplements are also very common on the market.

green tea weight lossCommon usage of green tea

In 2016, one study from China for eleven years averagely reported that the green tea drinkers had a reduced risk rate of cardiovascular disease and a lower death rate compared with those non drinkers. Also researchers found there were a 21% lower death rate from cancer if consuming more than 5 cups of green tea every day.

Green tea weight loss

For the usage of green tea weight loss function, we just found partial of the studies showed such efficacy, possibly it caused by the caffeine ingredient in green tea, which will suppress the appetite.

In other studies in 2015, researcher found that the green tea help for weight loss as the catechins can inhibit the digestion and absorption by 29% of the starch contained in the foods.

In England, one study held in 2011, overweight and obese men lost 1.4 lbs if they took green tea extract for 6 weeks with free of caffeine. While the placebo group increased 1.2 lbs with similar calorie intake in both of the subjects groups.

Dose recommendation of green tea weight loss

The dose used in above study in England, was two capsules in one day, it contains 530 mg green tea extract in each capsule, equals to 432 mg EGCG per day.

The dosage used in 2015 study mentioned above, was about 4 grams of green tea extract per day which provided 258 mg of EGCG.

Normally one cup of green tea contains 2 grams of tea approx.

Side effects of green tea weight loss supplement

As the green tea extract contains caffeine, although some weight loss pills may listed as “caffeine free” or “decaffeinated”, it still contains up to 2% of caffeine. Someone who is sensitive to caffeine, should be aware of this, which may disturbs the quality of sleep.

Overdose consuming of the green tea may also make the teeth extracted, or the pains in arms or legs as the fluoride contained. Also people who are possibly infected with kidney stones, should not be suggested to take green tea for the oxalate it contains.

Also if women plan to conceive, please do not take green tea, a higher dose of green tea consumption will lead to a increasing risk of spina bifida in fetus, as the catechins within the green tea may cause inhibiting the transforming from folic acid to its active folate form, that’s the most important process for the development of the sipnal cord.

Mostly likely we suggest to take green tea as weight loss supplement, it has a wide sources, you can easily take cups of green tea in a rainy afternoon, or find some green tea extract supplements for a convenient consumption.

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