Hello everyone,

Thanks for visiting ShopDietPillsReviews.com. My name is S. Williams, who was suffering from overweight about 3 years ago. At that time, my BMI figure was over 26, maybe it is not reach to the value of obesity (>28) but I already felt uncomfortable in my life, I had to bought new trousers every year for my increasing waist size.

Also my blood sugar level showed abnormal once I visited my physician. I cannot bear it anymore! So I consulted my physician and decided to do more exercises and took some diet pills to expedite my plan for weight loss.

A couple of months later, I was back to my normal shape, got more confidence and my blood sugar turned back to regular level . Some of my friends suggested me to create one website to share my experience with all of the friends over the world. So now you can see this site with healthy advise, or weight loss experience I wrote by myself and some information is collected from internet.

Hope this site may be helpful for you if you want to take the first step for weight loss, either it concerns your health, or your living condition.

Please don’t be hesitated to reach me via the Contact page if you want to share your suggestion or opinion with me.

Be patient and stick to your goal thus you will see the change in couple of weeks!